The way customers & restaurants
communicate has changed

I’m Your New Assistant

OpenCity automatically responds to customer questions, improves productivity and creates new revenue, 24/7.

  • 24/7 Coverage

    Customers expect instant information at any time

  • "Expand" Your Workforce

    Increase efficiency and coverage without extra headcount

  • Make More Money

    Book reservations, curate private events, generate leads

Hey! What are your hours today?
Hi! We’re open today from 11am - 10pm.
Great. Do you offer gluten free options?
Yes, everything is made from scratch so we can accommodate most requests.
Awesome! Can I book a reservation for 6 people tonight at 9:00 pm?
Yes, you are booked! See you soon 😄

It’s Just Texting. It’s That Easy.

OpenCity easily integrates with your website and instantly aggregates all social media messages enabling you to respond to customer inquiries from one place.

01 Customers text your business

Customers can text your business like they text a friend by simply using Google, Facebook or directly from a chat button on your website.

02 OpenCity instantly responds

24/7 coverage. The Assistant automatically responds to customer questions anytime.

03 Tough questions?
No problem.

Higher touch questions are routed to your staff for further assistance.

So, Why Choose OpenCity?!

Automatic Updates

Identifies and updates your business info in real-time so you don’t have to - hours, directions, menus, gluten free...everything.

Your Brand, Your Way

Accurately responds to questions in your brand voice helping to drive greater consistency & build loyalty.

More Human Than Human

Provides the personal touch your business demands - 99.7% customers feel they’re talking to a human.

No Limits

No downloads. Customer messages using Facebook, Google, your Website, any platform. Restaurants see all messages in OpenCity.

We implement NLU & NLP technology

Customers Want
Instant Responses

  • Everybody texts
  • No one likes to wait
  • Customers expect accuracy in real time

Restaurants Want
Happy Customers

  • Easy to use, easy to manage
  • Better customer experience
  • Improves productivity so staff can focus on the business

Today's Restaurants Rely on OpenCity

James Beard Winners, Fine Dining, International, Breweries, Fast Casual, Bars and Nightclubs have one thing in common...they all use OpenCity to make customers happy.

Unlimited PRO service to $49/month with no commitment

Are you ready?

We’re here for you. You’re just minutes away from joining our growing community of happy customers.

Unlimited PRO service to $49/month with no commitment